Copy of Licensed Practitioners Design

Build a thriving HR Consultancy

Create a commercially savvy HR Consultancy.

Make a difference to your clients with exclusive industry- proven toolkits and strategies.

Be a part of transforming the HR Consultancy profession with access to saleable programs and services.

Achieve your HR Consultancy goals with personalised professional development coaching.


A proven HR consultancy development and toolkit program for the Australian market.

Generate visibility | accelerate results | build sustainability

The Akyra Licensed Practitioners Approach

In-depth induction, monthly webinars, StrengthsFinder coaching, access to Australian tested tool-kits, industry driven structures... all supported by industry specialists and accredited coaches.

With one focus:  to unlock opportunity more than you can now with capacity and capability to grow your Consultancy.

Build a dynamic culture and internal systems in partnership with your clients. And most of all, you can cut-through and stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Designed to support your clients with tailored solutions

Unlock what you have

To do so – sustainably – you need a competitive edge in the marketplace.

You need to combine your HR skills,  a driven mindset and a a commercially savvy business model to unlock your full potential and leverage strategic opportunities.

The Akyra Licensed Practitioners program, combines industry proven toolkits, training and ongoing support, to rapidly build your HR business, to be commercially motivated and viable. 

A program formulated with your success in mind

Transform the HR Consultancy profession

  • Create innovative online tools
  • Deliver extensive training
  • Provide down-to-earth mentoring and coaching

… and play a critical role in the practice of consulting in the management of people, human resources and employee relations.

HR and/or employee relations skillsets, experience and/or qualifications

  • Aspire to run your own HR consultancy
  • May already run an independent consultancy

…  and looking for that extra something to differentiate you in the marketplace.

Provide an in-depth 2 day induction

  • Monthly webinar mentor sessions
  • StrengthsFinder assessment, debrief and monthly coaching sessions
  • Access to online tools portal

… supported by industry specialists and accredited coaches.

  • Customised tools
  • Tested in the Australian business landscape
  • Strategies to assist your professional development
  • Enhance your business opportunities

… equipped to deliver the Program using innovative online tools.

The Akyra Licensed Practitioners Program

A Managing Director, a successful HR consultant with proven performance in the field

Margaret Goody's HR story started in 1993 when as Managing Director she founded a recruitment company in Central Queensland, which was then successfully sold to an ASX listed company in 2005. On moving to Brisbane, Margaret established Akyra HR as a response to market demand for flexible, customised HR management. Margaret has extensive experience driving professional HR business services via a holistic, strategic and innovative approach. Margaret’s industry-driven strategies and toolkits are designed to ultimately engage and support clients with tailored solutions customised to build a dynamic culture and internal systems.


Attend the intensive induction program and annual training event; focused on combined industry proven frameworks, toolkits and strategies; designed to rapidly build your HR business to become commercially motivated and viable.

Access to monthly webinars and individual coaching sessions, toolkits and practices; strategically designed to support you, your consultancy and the offer of customised HR services to your clients.

Build familiarity with powerful frameworks to strengthen your ability to engage with and service HR clientele; with tailored solutions customised to build a dynamic culture and internal systems.

Monthly webinars and individual coaching sessions to further drive your success and professional development.

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